Trampoline Park Dangers


Keep your kids and your friends' families safe by spreading the word about the risk of injury at trampoline parks. Download and share this helpful infographic to help prevent more injuries. 

Serious Injuries Cast Shadow on Trampline Park Safety

SEATTLE - For a surprisingly large number of parents, a seemingly innocent trip to a local trampoline park can end with a trip for their children to the emergency room - or worse - due to failing equipment, poor supervision and overcrowding, Seattle attorney Sim Osborn warns. 

Have you been injured?

Have you or your child been injured at Sky High Sports or another trampoline park? We will work with you to determine your legal options. Even if a liability waiver was signed, you may still be able to take action. In Washington state, these safety waivers for minors have already been ruled null and void, and they may be called into question in other states.



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